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Commas in a Series—Adjectives Before a Noun

I tend to organize elements in my sentences in sets of three—three items in a series, three-phrase predicates, three adjectives before a noun. I do it a lot because it creates a certain rhythm, it balances out the sentence and I like it. You can probably see that I’m doing it now, that it seems

Commas in a Series / The Oxford Comma

Commas lift, separate and clarify. When you have a series of single words, phrases or clauses in a sentence, commas need to get busy. Here are some examples of commas in a series. The Oxford Comma      In the examples above, take note of the commas that follow the words “brownies,” “dishes,” “puppy” and “shower.”

Comma Down! An Introduction.

Believe it or not, punctuation is a hot-button issue. Not only is there controversy but there are factions that spawn some rip-roaring arguments about things like correctness and necessity and what punctuation marks to use when. Even the experts disagree on things—a lot. So where does that leave the rest of us? If we’re lucky,