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Welcome To My Website!!!

This site has been in the works for a long time—in my head, on the drawing board, under construction. While it is ready now to be seen, it is and will always be a work in progress—a place of constant growth and change. A showcase for working writers. An oasis for teachers. A resource for readers, students and writers-to-be. A go-to site for those who want writing ideas, a quick lesson or something new to read. A place to find encouragement, motivation and a reason to write. A classroom, a laboratory, a happy place, a club that anyone can join.

These are my goals for this little corner of cyberspace. They’re a lot, I know. And so far, I’ve only scratched the surface. But if you’ll stick around and check back often, you’ll notice steady progress.

Here’s a brief tour of the site.

As you can see, this site will be dynamic and progressive. It’s ambitious for sure, but I’m excited to take it on. I hope you’ll find it useful and fun.

My thanks to Paula Pierce of HostingCT for her professionalism, expertise, and infinite patience in the development of this site. I can be pokey and indecisive at times, but she managed this site (and me) with grace and skill. You can find her at

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!


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