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Etudes–Jacob Collier Performs Stevie Wonder

Jacob Collier Performs Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”

This video shows a young Jacob Collier doing it all—singing all the parts, playing all the instruments, manipulating all the technology and creating wonderful music. Enjoy his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” and come back on the other side.

Jacob’s mastery of both the art of creating music and the technology of producing it has made him unique—a true one-man show. Now that he is an adult, he writes his own music, makes albums and keeps a grueling tour schedule with a multi-media show where he—you guessed it—does it all.

As a writer, you could take a few different approaches to drawing inspiration from Jacob Collier. Pick one from these suggestions or go in your own direction.

  • Respond to the performance. Does it move you? Write a review.
  • Imagine what it’s like to be the boy who does it all. What vibe do you get from Jacob himself?
  • We all feel like the burden is totally on us sometimes. Describe times when you are responsible for doing it all. Describe what “it” is and how you feel about doing it.
  • Do you worry about things? Like what? How do you respond to people who tell you not to?
  • You are about to release a video of you doing the thing that you are the best at. What is it and how will you show your mastery of it in a five-minute video?
  • What would it be like for you if Jacob were your brother, son, rival, best friend, boyfriend? Write a sketch that includes a dialog of the two of you in a conversation that reveals what your relationship is like.