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Saving Our Lives: Volume Two–Essays to Release the Writer in YOU

Volume Two of this series, winner of the 2018 Independent Publishers of New England Award for Informational Nonfiction, includes thirty-one new essays and more than three hundred writing prompts to get you reading and writing.

D. Margaret Hoffman’s essays just keep on coming. With subjects that range from girdles and woodpeckers to concert tickets and funerals, Hoffman’s writings demonstrate how life’s miscellaneous moments combine to reveal us as we really are.

These are the times worth remembering—and saving. So here, following the award-winning Saving Our Lives: Volume One—Essays to Inspire the Writer in YOU, comes Saving Our Lives: Volume Two—Essays to Release the Writer in YOU in which Hoffman once again offers her life stories, observations, opinions and rants for your entertainment and inspiration.

Volume Two includes thirty-one new essays, hundreds of writing prompts and lots of optimism to help you face both life and the blank page with humor and confidence. If you have ever wanted to write, this book will inspire you to finally do it. And if you don’t want to write, read this book anyway. You may change your mind.

With more essays, more laughs, more writing prompts and more encouragement, Volume Two will make you smile, make you think and make you want to grab a pen to save your own life, one small story at a time—because you can. And you should.

D. Margaret Hoffman is a writer, teacher, presenter, encourager and mom. She lives in New England where it is cold and dark a lot of the time—which might explain her affinity for homemade afghans and affectionate cats.

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