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Saving Our Lives: Volume Three—Essays to Launch the Writer in YOU 

The Saving Our Lives Trilogy is at last complete. In three volumes and over ninety essays, D. Margaret Hoffman has been doing more than saving her life stories. She’s been making room for yours. Planted among her essays are 900 writing prompts—330 in Volume Three alone. That should rev up your pen.

And where is Hoffman off to this time? In Volume Three, her topics range from quirks to crochet, from crushes to coiffures, from cats to COVID and from concerts to climate change—with a little singing, traveling, rock collecting and reminiscing thrown in for good measure.

Approach this book first as a reader. Sit back and enjoy how Hoffman elevates everyday experiences with insight and humor. Find your life in her observations. Then try your hand at it. Let the prompts help you to focus on the one small thing that will give you the courage to begin saving your own life. Because you can. And you should.

Praise for Volume Three

“The latest volume in the Saving Our Lives series is brimful of wit and encouragement. With essays about everyday life ranging from light and humorous to thought-provoking and poignant, D. Margaret Hoffman is New England’s answer to Erma Bombeck. Even better, Hoffman encourages everyone to pick up a pen, jot a few notes about their own lives, and see where their ideas might take them. Perfect for novices and experienced writers alike, Saving Our Lives reaffirms D. Margaret Hoffman’s core belief that we all have lives worth writing about.”

P. Jo Anne Burgh, Author of State v. Claus

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